After the Trip

Step 1: Who needs to complete a Travel Expense Report?

  • Anyone who received a Travel Advance
  • Anyone who requires reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses

Step 2: What receipts/paperwork are required?

  • Travel to attend a conference: Provide the conference brochure showing any designated lodging, meals included in the conference fee and the opening and closing days of the conference. This is required for conference fees, designated lodging and meal reimbursements.
  • Mileage to/from the airport: Odometer readings are required if you are claiming more than the standard map miles to the Tucson International Airport. The standard round trip to and from the airport is 20 miles.
  • Airfare: The original passenger receipt coupon. Provide an explanation if you will be flying other than economy or coach. When purchasing tickets via the internet, the confirmation or receipt must indicate the name, itinerary and that the tickets have been paid for.
  • Car Rental: The original itemized receipt from the car rental agency. Provide an explanation for upgrades, additional drivers or any other miscellaneous charges.
  • Lodging: The original itemized statement from the lodging venue with the lodging venue name, address and phone number, the dates of lodging, daily room charges or single room rates if more than one person is occupying the room. Business phone charges may be claimed as a miscellaneous expense if documented by receipt.
  • Travel Advance Reimbursement: If the amount of the receipts is less than the advance amount, the traveler must deposit the amount due the university and reference the Cash Receipt number on the Travel Expense Report, within 10 days of returning from the trip.

Step 3: Who needs to approve a Travel Expense Report?

  • The Traveler

Step 4: How will I get paid?

When all receipts are obtained, a Disbursement Voucher should be created with digital receipts attached and routed for appropriate approvals to the Financial Services Travel team, who will:

  • Verify receipts against expense report and supporting documentation
  • Verify if a Travel Advance issued and reduce amount due employee
  • Verify any funds due the university have been deposited and reference the Cash Receipt or Payroll Deduction within the Disbursement Voucher
  • If the traveler is due money:
    • Current Employee – Reimbursement will be delivered via Direct Deposit in the employee’s bank account, or a check will be issued to the employee’s home address.
    • Current student or Designated Campus Colleague (DCC) – A check will be issued unless the payee provides Accounts Payable with their banking details.