International Travel

Rapid Antigen Self-Test Program

  • The University of Arizona has introduced a Rapid Antigen Self-Test Program that provides COVID-19 rapid antigen self-tests for our faculty, staff, and students traveling on University business. For more information, please visit the Rapid Antigen Self-Test Program webpage.


The goal of this policy is to maximize personal safety as well as compliance with applicable Federal and State regulations.


  1. Provide information, resources, and guidance to University travelers to maximize their safety and health while traveling abroad
  2. Facilitate immediate access to data on the location of University international travelers and to communicate rapidly with University travelers to verify well-being and provide instructions or guidance if needed
  3. Evaluate applicability of state and federal regulatory requirements in advance of international travel to provide direction on compliance and avoid potential penalties including imprisonment and severe fines

Compliance is necessary to:

  • Receive reimbursement for travel expenses, if eligible
  • Be covered by applicable insurance programs during international travel
  • Receive University academic credit for international coursework, if eligible
  • Receive available University assistance in the event of an emergency during international travel
  • Avoid significant personal fines and potential prison sentences, internationally
  • Avoid disciplinary action and/or limitations on future University travel
  • Adhere to related applicable University, state, and federal policies

Required Actions in Advance

Required Action Responsible area to process
Complete travel authorization form Traveler or designee
Employee travel authorization Department
Travel authorization review, coordination, and funding advance Financial Services Travel Office
Travel Itinerary Registration Traveler or designee
Travel Warning Areas ITSOC/Provost
Advanced authorization for student travel as part of a University program Study Abroad
Export Control Regulations University Export Control Office
Defense Base Act Insurance Risk Management