Prepaying For Travel

Prepayment for travel expenses utilizing a virtual credit card is restricted to lodging (room and tax only), airfare, or conference registration. This process can be initiated with a Disbursement Voucher or Purchase Order in accordance with University Policy. Documentation must contain a valid business purpose and reduces out-of-pocket expenses for prospective interview candidates, speakers, and University travelers when applicable.

Details and Requirements

  1. The prepaid credit card program is available for payments on behalf of employees, students, Designated Campus Colleagues, prospective interview candidates and vendors traveling with a valid University business purpose.
    1. Citizenship must be provided on the eDoc for any non-University employee conducting University business (excluding interview candidates).
    2. Payments on behalf of foreign visitors require additional information. See FSM Policy: 9.16 Payments to Nonresident Aliens.
  2. When possible, it is recommended that business units utilize their department PCard for employee travel arrangements.
  3. The virtual credit card is restricted to business travel expenses only. This program is not available to travelers incorporating personal days as part of the travel itinerary.
  4. The virtual credit card is restricted from payment to international hotels due to language barriers, currency conversions, and time zone restrictions.
  5. The Accounts Payable office requests a minimum of five business days to review the Disbursement Voucher for approval for necessary processing.
  6. For lodging, traveler must provide a personal credit card at check-in for any incidentals charged to the room.

Accounts Payable has onboarded local Arizona hotels to accept the virtual card program thus, virtual cards are emailed directly to the lodging establishment.

For out-of-state hotel, airfare, and conference registration, virtual credit cards will be attached in the Notes and Attachment tab directly on the Disbursement Voucher (DV) or Payment Request (PREQ) for the business unit to utilize. The recommendation is the card is printed and provided to the traveler to take with them on their travel event to cover the lodging costs.

Any issue that arises with the use of a virtual credit card should be directed to Accounts Payable at or 520-621-9097.


  1. A reservation(s) should be made with the lodging establishment along with confirmation indicating total cost including applicable tax, full name of guest, and confirmation number.
    1. Lodging - Room and Tax only
    2. Airfare - Airline ticket and baggage fees
    3. Conference registration - Registration, reservation for business events only
  2. If a vendor record does not exist in UAccess Financials a new vendor record for the payee must be created utilizing the Vendor Creation Tutorial
  3. A Disbursement Voucher must be initiated by the department business office, or Purchase Order/PREQ in final approval, a minimum of 5 business days prior to the payment due date.
  4. The following details are recommended for a Disbursement Voucher:
    1. Document Overview TAB
    2. Description = Traveler's Full Name-Prepaid
      1. Identify the payment purpose (i.e: hotel, airline, or conference)
    3. Organization Document Number = Travel Authorization number (UA employees, students and DCCs only)
    4. If more than one traveler, add a note on the DV including all Travel Authorization numbers.
    5. Payment Information TAB
      1. Payment Reason Code: Y-Prepaid Travel Expenses
      2. Payee ID: Select vendor.
      3. Check Amount: Enter amount to be paid to vendor.
      4. Due Date: Enter date vendor expects payment.
      5. Payment Method: C-AP Credit Card
      6. Check Stub Text: Brief description for vendor to apply payment.
    6. Accounting Lines TAB
    7. Enter applicable UAccess Financials accounting details.
      1. Account, Sub-Account, Object Code, Sub-Object, Project, Organizational Reference ID, Amount, Line Description, Invoice Number.
    8. If multiple travelers, use only one accounting line per traveler.
    9. Pre-paid travel expense TAB
      1. Location= City, State
      2. Type= Pl - Prepaid lodging
      3. Start Date= Hotel check in date
      4. End date= Hotel check out date
      5. Name= Traveler's name from first accounting line
    10. Notes and Attachment TAB
    11. Place a note on the DV indicating citizenship of each traveler (excluding payments for interviewees).
      1. Review FSM Policy: 9.16 Payments to Nonresident Aliens to determine allowable payments and required documentation.
    12. Add appropriate notes for audit purposes and attach supporting documentation such as an invoice, quote, website details, or contract information if you prefer Accounts Payable initiate payment.
    13. Add a note indicating who should receive notification (i.e., Adhoc FYI routing) when the virtual credit card is attached and ready for use.
    14. When card is issued, it will be attached in the Notes and Attachment tab for the department business office to pay online or contact vendor directly with card details.
    15. Designated lodging should be utilized, and confirmation of designated lodging provided in the Notes and Attachments. If designated lodging is not utilized and the amount exceeds the lodging rates for the area, please add a note in the Notes/Attachment tab indicating a valid business purpose for the overage.
    16. Airfare should be the most economical direct flight. If airfare exceeds most economical option, please add a note in the Notes/Attachment tab indicating a valid business purpose for the expense.
    17. Click Save, review details for accuracy, and then click Submit.