Fund Accountant Services

Fund Accountants are responsible for providing accounting advisory services to University departments. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Consulting with departments regarding business processes, best practices and process changes in order to increase operational efficiencies and internal controls.
  • Ensuring financial activity is recorded in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Federal and State regulations, Arizona Board of Regents and University policies and procedures.
  • Providing guidance and education on financial/internal controls.
  • Providing guidance with interpreting and applying University policy.
  • Providing guidance with University business purpose.
  • Determining whether expenditures are allowable based on department information, account restrictions and University policy.
  • Assisting with determining correct document type usage and appropriate recording of financial transactions.
  • Guiding on the various funds and transfer restrictions between the funds.
  • Developing and presenting formal trainings to departments, as needed or on request.
  • Assisting in preparing University financial reports, reconciliations and surveys, such as the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report and other monthly, quarterly and annual reports and surveys.

Who is my Fund Accountant?

Fund Accountant services are provided by several teams. Identify the Fund and Sub-Fund Code for your account to find your Fund Accountant Team below. Click on the team name for contact information.

If you don't know the Fund and Sub-Fund Code for your account: Go to UAccess Financials main menu > Chart of Accounts > Account.


Fund Code Sub-Fund Code Description Fund Accountant Team
DI,OR,SP Indirect Cost Recovery, Restricted Gifts, Sponsored Projects Sponsored Projects
LN,OR PRVSCH,FWSGRT,GOVGRT Loan, Private Scholarships, Fed Work Study Government Grants, Government Grants Student Financial Aid Accounting
EN Endowment Endowment Accounting
CA Cash and Banks Bursar Accounting
Cash Accounting
PL Plant Funds - Construction, Plant Funds - Debt Service Plant Funds-Construction
Plant Funds-Debt