Surplus Disposal Methods

The following is a list and a brief description of disposal methods:

Surplus Storefront

The Surplus Storefront is the retail operations of Surplus Property. Disposed University property, such as vehicles, furniture, monitors, bikes, and more are inspected, evaluated, and priced for sale to the general public.

Public Auction

Update: As of March 2020, all live/public auctions have been suspended until further notice.

Surplus Property conducts a live in-person auction once a month, on a predetermined Tuesday. Common items sold at the auction include vehicles, furniture, lab equipment, computers, and more. All items may be sold in bulk quantities and all participating bidders must complete our Purchase/Auction Agreement, and be a registered bidder in our Asset Management Platform, AssetWorks.

Special Bid Sales

Special Bid sales are conducted on property that is unique in nature and/or has a high dollar value. The University department determines, with consultation from Surplus Property, if a Special Bid sale is the best method of disposal. If it is determined to be advantageous, the department will complete a transfer request and upon authorization, Surplus Property will work with the department on the logistics of the sale. Once details of the sale are finalized, Surplus Property will generate bid forms for potential bidders and post details of the Special Bid Sale. Special Bids are conducted upon request and typically are posted for five to ten business days. All bid forms must be completed by bidders and returned to Surplus Property via email, fax, or in-person delivery. Upon closing of the sale, Surplus Property will tabulate the bid and send the potential winning bid to the department for approval. It is at the discretion of the department to reject or accept the potential winning bid. Department personnel involved in the approval process for a bid will not be allowed to participate in that bid.

Interagency Transfers - Government Agency Sales

Government Agency Sales is a disposal method in which University property is sold to another government agency or public institution. The definition of a “public agency or public institution” is a Federal, State, County, City, or University entity. This type of sale requires collaboration between the department, government agency or public institution, and Surplus Property. In this disposal type, an agreed upon sales prices is established and Surplus Property will process all sales documents and collect all funds related to the sale. See guidelines and more on Interagency Transfers - Government Agency Sales.

Intra-University Sales

Intra-University sales are sales between two University departments. Effective January 22, 2013, Surplus Property no longer handles sales between departments. Contact Property Management for more information on how to sell an asset to another University department.

Trading-In University Property

University departments may trade-in University property for credit on a new purchase. The Asset Trade-In information must be entered when creating a new Requisition in UAccess Financials. For more information on how to complete a requisition with asset trade-in, please follow the procedure in Property Management Manual 18.20.

Note: a trade that results in the department receiving funds in addition to a new item is considered a sale not a trade.


In an effort to reduce the amount to waste being sent to landfills, Surplus Property participates in a variety of recycling endeavors. If property is deemed unfit for resale and depending on the materials it is made of, it may be sent to a local recycler.

Regulated Items/Materials

Items that are regulated or have been used with hazardous materials must be reviewed and approved by the Research Laboratory & Safety Services (RLSS). Examples include fume hoods, biosafety cabinets, radiation-generating machines (X-rays), etc. Some materials may not be disposed of through Surplus, like hazardous waste and sharps containers, or sold to other entities due to regulatory requirements.

Can University of Arizona property be donated?

No, University of Arizona property, regardless of value, cannot be donated. The University of Arizona is governed by Arizona law and the Arizona Revised Statutes specifically prohibit State agencies from giving away property. The fair market value of property must be received in kind. In order to comply with the statutes, the University prohibits the donation of University property.