Merchant & Credit Card Services

Merchant Services manages, supports, and mitigates risk for payments collected digitally and via credit/debit card at the University of Arizona. In collaboration with the Information Security Office, Purchasing, and UITS, we ensure secure processes for campus departments to accept credit card transactions. We assist departments in meeting business needs with safe services and solutions while sustaining high standards of quality, excellence, and compliance. Please note: Merchant Services does NOT administer the University PCard Program.

Merchant Services Coordinator

Mark Swingle

American Express: 1-800-374-2639
Bank of America: 1-800-430-7161
CyberSource: 1-866-501-7958

Frequently Asked Questions

Departments must establish themselves as a Merchant. See Becoming a Merchant for details.
Yes, there are a couple of options for departments who would like to take credit card payments during a special event or conference session. See Point-of-Sale Rental for details.
The merchants always receive gross payments. The acquirer bank will provide a monthly statement detailing all fees and interchange charges. Each month (usually within the first five days of the month), the total of the monthly charges will be automatically deducted from the merchant account and auto-posted to the merchant designated UAccess Financial expense account.