Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminal Rental

Merchant Services provides several options for departments that want to accept payments by bank/credit cards for special events, workshops, or third party invoice payments:

  • Cellular Point-of-Sale Swipe Terminal
    The cellular POS terminal is a cellular mobile solution for those who do not have an analog phone line available. It provides customer receipts and paper transaction reports, and is perfect for face-to-face transactions at campus outdoor or off-site events. The equipment charge will be $60.00 (1-30 days) plus a credit card fee of 3% per transaction. 
  • Single Use Acceptance/Processing of Credit Card
  • Sometimes, it is necessary to process a single transaction for a payment to a department from an outside source. We will assist in the processing of a single transaction at the rate of 3% per transaction. Please contact us for further instructions.

To reserve and utilize any of the above options, please contact  FNSV-Banking-And-Merchant-Services@arizona.edu. Reserve early to ensure that the units will be available for your use.