PCard Program

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Financial Services is proud to bring you a convenient, safe, and efficient way to make small dollar purchases and monitor your expenditures. The Purchasing Card (PCard) eliminates, as much as possible, the need for purchase orders and direct reimbursements by allowing designated staff and faculty to make purchases with a University credit card.

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Loss, Theft, or Fraud

If an individual or department PCard has been lost or stolen, or fraudulent transactions are identified in UAccess Financials, contact the PCard team immediately. If you are unable to reach a PCard team member directly and/or it is after hours or on the weekend, contact JP Morgan Chase Customer Services at 1-800-270-7760 for assistance. Please be sure to follow up with an email to the PCard team at FNSV-Accounts-Payable@arizona.edu providing the transactions and all of the details, including what action was taken by JP Morgan Chase.

Phishing Reminder: Remember that JP Morgan Chase will never send an email asking you to click on any links.

Standard MCC Coding

  • 951 (Basic PCard)
  • 954 (PCard Plus Enhancement)
  • 957 (PCard Travel Enhancement)
  • 960 (PCard Hotel Enhancement)