AssetWorks is the asset management software used to track all property, both capital and non-capital, throughout the University. Employees can search for assets and submit Surplus Requests (formerly known as Transfer Requests) for assets that are no longer needed and ready to be sent to Surplus Property.

To log in to AssetWorks, you will need your NetID and password. You will be redirected to WebAuth to enter your NetID and password.

For instructions on how to submit and approve a Surplus Request, visit our Surplus Request Guide.

Launch AssetWorks

Asset Types

There are two types of assets in the AssetWorks:

Tagged Assets: loaded nightly into AssetWorks via UAccess Financials. Assets entered that originate in UAccess Financials are tracked from acquisition to disposal. Any changes to Tagged asset details such as class, department and location (building and room number) must be made in UAccess Financials and not AssetWorks, as Tagged asset information is continuously overwritten each night by the information in UAccess Financials.

Non-Tagged Assets: acquired by departments that do not meet the requirements (by expense and/or acquisition method) to be Tagged assets. Non-Tagged assets are manually entered into AssetWorks and are generally not entered until they are sent to Surplus. Examples of non-Tagged assets can be, but are not limited to, chairs, desks and filing cabinets.

Property Tags

Property tag numbers added to AssetWorks are prepended and appended with new character strings for tracking and inventory. The original tag number will still be a part of the new tag number. 

Non-Tagged assets will be assigned a tag number that is proprietary to AssetWorks as soon as a Surplus Request is approved. The Surplus tag number can only be searched/tracked in AssetWorks and cannot be verified in UAccess Financials.