Surplus Property Services

Surplus Property is charged with disposition and re-utilization of all University of Arizona property, whether capital or non-capital, following State guidelines. If property is not re-utilized within the University system, it is disposed of through various methods.

University of Arizona Property

Any and all personal property in University custody, whether capital or not, is considered University property. Any disposal or relocation of any and all University property will be in accordance with Surplus Property procedures.

Asset Management Platform

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Surplus Storefront

Surplus Storefront

Frequently Asked Questions

The process begins with entering a transfer request in AssetWorks, which is Surplus Property’s new management system (as of 10/2016). Go to AssetWorks and login using your NetID and password. Depending on your department’s asset management workflow, you may have to request access to multiple department profiles in order to complete your transfer. Please contact Surplus Property at 520-621-1754 if you have any questions regarding your department profile.

Once the transfer is entered and authorized, the request is then routed to Surplus Property Office. Please allow two (2) weeks for pick-up.

Surplus Property is authorized to dispose of excess property from The University in various methods. The first method of disposal is through public auction. The live, in-person public auction takes place once a month on the third Tuesday of each month (auction date may vary.) The next disposal method is making items available for purchase through our Surplus Storefront. The Surplus Storefront sells items like furniture, filing cabinets, shelving, bikes, and many more items at reasonable prices. Another disposal method is through a Special Bid Sale. Most of the items available through a Special Bid sale have a minimum price set for each item, and participation is through a “sealed bid” process. Lastly, in an effort to reduce waste in landfills, items or materials that cannot be sold through Surplus Property are recycled or disposed of properly.
All items available for public auction through the Surplus Storefront and Special Bid sale are open to the general public. In order to bid or buy items, all bidders and purchasers must complete our Auction/Purchase Agreement. 
Department personnel are welcome to view items available through our auction and Surplus Storefront. Auction items are only available for sale prior to the auction lots being “set.” Once an auction lot is “set”, departments are welcome to participate as a bidder in our auction. Items for sale through the Surplus Storefront can be purchased by a department. For a departmental sale, Surplus Property requires a department account number. Surplus Property will complete a Merchandise Order Form, which will require authorization from the designated account approver. Once authorization is obtained, Surplus Property will schedule delivery of purchased items through a department sale at no charge. All items will be billed internally through UAccess Financials.
The Surplus Storefront is located at the Paul and Alice Baker Distribution Center, 3740 E. 34th Street. It is open Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The Surplus Storefront is also open the first Saturday of each month, however if the first Saturday is a holiday weekend, the opening will be the second Saturday – please visit our Facebook page for daily updates on upcoming events or sign up for our newsletter.
For all sales we accept personal checks w/ID (up to $500), cashier’s check, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED.