Surplus Request Guide

Surplus Requests allow Department Users and Approvers to submit requests to have assets picked up by Surplus Property that are no longer needed. Surplus Requests can only be submitted for assets owned by the department. Every time a Surplus Request is created, it is given a unique tracking number.  

Department Users and Department Approvers

Department Users and Department Approvers are the only ones who can submit Surplus Requests for their department. A Department User may enter items into the system and initiate the Surplus Request process but cannot approve the requests. A Department Approver is a staff member who is authorized to approve asset Surplus Requests from the department to Surplus Property. They may also run reports on assets that have been entered into the AssetWorks for any departments they are Department Users for.  

The assignment of these roles is at the discretion of each department. To request that an individual be added as a Department User or Department Approver, contact Surplus Property at

The Surplus Requests tab in AssetWorks allows Department Users and Approvers to search for or initiate new Surplus Requests for their department(s). All assets in AssetWorks will have an Asset Detail screen, which will either be prefilled from UAccess Financials if the asset is a Tagged asset or will need the asset information loaded when entered into the Surplus Request if Non-Tagged. 

Creating a Surplus Request

  1. Select the Surplus tab located on the left side of the screen within AssetWorks. A drop-down will appear.  
  2. Select Create to begin. 
  3. Review the pre-populated information and make corrections if needed. The information should match the information for the individual NetID in use. 
  4. Use the notes field to add additional comments for internal department use only, if needed.  
    • Be aware, the pickup drivers will not have access to these notes. There will be an option for pickup notes later. 
  5. Select Disposal Type from the dropdown menu. If you are unsure of the Disposal Type, contact Surplus Property at or 520-621-1754. 
  6. Review the Terms and Conditions and check the box to agree. 
  7. Select Create in the grey box below the checkbox. 

Once created, an Add Assets dropdown will appear. Specify if the assets being transferred are Tagged or Non-Tagged Assets 

  1. If the asset(s) is Tagged: 
    • Select the menu option to the right of the Tag Number field and enter all or part of the Tag number. 
    • Select the appropriate asset and Add Asset to view information pulled from UAccess Financials. Repeat for each tagged asset being transferred. 
  2. If the asset(s) is Non-Tagged: 
    • Under the Add Assets section, there will be a Create New Asset link. 
    • Enter the asset details including description and quantity. Then search and select the building where the asset is located for pickup.  

Once a Tagged/Non-Tagged asset has been found:

  1. In the Notes section, add useful and relevant information that will help locate the item, including contact or pick-up information that the driver will need.  
    • If the contact or pickup information is different for each item, the Surplus Notes field must be filled out for each. 
  2. Choose from one of the four Save options at the bottom.  

Federal Owned or Titled Assets 

Federally Owned or Titled assets (have an Agency Code of 55062, 55065, 55068, 55071, 55077, or 56092) must be reviewed by Sponsored Projects Services. To submit an asset for review: 

  1. Select the icon next to the asset.  
  2. Once the asset has been added, in the Add Assets section, select the pencil icon to the left. 
  3. Select Tag Number from the pop-up Surplus Asset Line Detail screen.  
  4. In Asset Details, select the mail icon next to the Agency Code Approval field  
  5. Select Waiting for Approval from the drop-down menu. Enter a reason for the change request. You must enter a reason before moving on.  
  6. Save the Asset Detail.  

Once saved, Sponsored Projects will receive an email and review the request for approval. 

After all assets, both Tagged and Non-Tagged have been entered, review all entries for accuracy before submitting.  

Once the Surplus Request is complete, go to the Surplus Detail section and select Submit for Approval.  

Approving a Surplus Request 

If you know the Surplus Request number, you may enter it using the search function located under Quick Search on the AssetWorks home screen.  

If you do not know the Surplus Request number: 

  1. Select the Surplus tab, and using the field located next to the search bar, choose 6. Waiting for Approval.  
    • It will automatically search for assets with Surplus Requests awaiting your approval.  
  2. If any Surplus Requests appear, select on the icon in the View column to select the specific asset(s). 
  3. Once selected, select Approve at the bottom of the screen to be taken to the Approve Assets tab.  
    • Note: Hitting the Approve button does not approve the request.  
  4. Using the Approved column dropdown, choose between approved or rejected. 
    • If rejected, please add the reason in the Notes field.  
  5. Once all requests have been either approved or rejected with reason, choose the Save button. 

The assets status will be updated to in Transfer and an approved date will be added to the asset. Surplus Property will contact you with a pickup date.