View FedEx Payment Details in UAccess Analytics

The purpose of this guide is to provide step-by-step instructions for searching in UAccess Analytics for Federal Express (FedEx) payments.
Payments for domestic and international FedEx shipments are processed via the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) file feed. 

  1. Navigate to UAccess (https:\\
  2. Select Analytics/Reporting from the Administrative Systems box
  3. Login with your UA NetID and password.
  4. Once logged in, click Dashboards > Financial > Central – Accounts Payable.
  5. From the Central – Accounts Payable page, click the FedEx tab.
  6. Enter FedEx Invoice Number or Tracking Number under the Make your selection and click Apply section.

FedEx tab

  1. If the invoice has not been paid the “No Results” message will appear.

  2. If the invoice has been paid via a weekly EDI file, payment information will be provided in the FedEx Payment Details box.

FedEx Payment Details