View FedEx Shipment Details in UAccess Analytics

The purpose of this guide is to provide step-by-step instructions for searching in UAccess Analytics for Federal Express (FedEx) Shipment Details.

  1. Navigate to UAccess (https:\\
  2. Select Analytics/Reporting from the Administrative Systems box
  3. Login with your UA NetID and password.
  4. Once logged in, click Dashboards > Financial > General – Financial Management.
  5. From the General – Financial Management page, click the FedEx Report tab.
  6. The search criteria will default to your departmental Organization Code and to the current fiscal year.  Note: It may be necessary to clear this default information if researching shipments made under a different department number or in another fiscal year.
  7. Enter your UAccess Financials Account Number or your FedEx Shipping Account Number,  Invoice Number, or Tracking Number under the Make your selection and click Apply: section:

FedEx Report tab

  1. Shipment details will appear in the Shipping Detail Report box that include the following information:
    • Organization Code & Name
    • Shipping Account Number
    • Account Number [UAccess Financials]
    • Object Code [Always 3870]
    • Invoice & Tracking Number
    • Invoice Date
    • Shipper Company [UA Department]
    • Shipper Name
    • Shipper Address [Lines 1 & 2]
    • Shipper City
    • Shipper State & Postal Codes
    • Recipient Name & Company
    • Recipient Address [Lines 1 & 2]
    • Delivery Date & Time
    • Recipient Signature
    • Net Charge