Payroll - Who to Contact For What

The following is a list of common payroll/employee-related inquiries and the appropriate contact for each.

Issue Contact Comments
Enrollment Workforce Systems  
Overpayments Payroll  
Reconcilliation Workforce Systems  
Timesheet Setup Payroll  
Issue Contact Comments
Agency Transfer - Facilitation/Coordination HR Solutions  
Agency Transfer - Benefit Service Date HR Solutions HR Solutions will refer to Workforce Systems first to change date and then they will handle the call. Explanation for 3/1
Agency Transfer - Accrual Adjust HR Solutions Coordination between HR Solutions & Payroll
ASRS - Buyback HR Solutions  
ASRS - Buyback - Deductions Payroll  
ASRS - Money not been deposited HR Solutions  
Benefit Deductions - How much? HR Solutions  
Benefit Deductions - Incorrect Amount HR Solutions  
Benefit Deductions - Taxes Payroll  
CTL - Compassionate Transfer of Leave HR Solutions  
Eligibility - HSA (Coordination) HR Solutions  
Eligibility - HSA File /Fund Tsf HR Solutions  
Eligibility - HSA Deduction / Enrollment HR Solutions  
Insurance - Home or Auto HR Solutions  
Paid Paternal Leave HR Solutions  
QTR - Eligibility/Enrollment HR Solutions  
QTR - Taxability Payroll  
Retirement Status HR Solutions  
Retirement Vesting Fund Transfer Payroll Accounting  
Terminations Workforce Systems  
Vacation Accruals - Rates HR Solutions If multiple jobs HR Solutions makes sure accrual right, looks at leave dates, etc. Starts with HR Solutions but may needs Workforce Systems to assist with changes.
Vacation Accruals - Benefits Service Date Workforce Systems  
Vacation Accruals - Adjustment Payroll  
Vacation Payouts Payroll  
Issue Contact Comments
Eligibility Payroll  
Eligibility - Empl Class Changes Workforce Systems  
Retirement Eligibility (EMPL Class) HR Solutions FICA flip depending on employee type will affect retirement.
Taxation Payroll  
Issue Contact Comments
Encumbrances Payroll Accounting  
Online Forms Workforce Systems  
Online Forms - Position Funding Workforce Systems  
Payment Requests Payroll  
Position Cross Reference Workforce Systems  
Salary Expense Transfer (SET) Payroll Accounting  
Time & Labor Payroll  
Utilities - Contracts Workforce Systems  
Issue Contact Comments
Benefit Data HR Solutions  
Payroll Data Payroll  
New Hire Form - Process / Procedure Workforce Systems  
Issue Contact Comments
Off-Cycle Payments - Benefits Owed Payroll  
Off-Cycle Payments - Late / Mid-Cycle Hires Payroll  

General Use

Issue Contact Comments
Change Requests Workforce Systems  
Continuation Accounts Payroll Accounting  
Encumbrances - Sabbatical - Postion Override Workforce Systems  
ERE - Class Indicator / Object Code Workforce Systems  
ERE - Percentage - Rate Payroll Accounting  
Student/Supp Comp Encubrance Flag Workforce Systems  
Vacant Position Encumbrances - MSS Position Mgmt Workforce Systems This has to do with override encumbrance field. Dept can submit MSS request to correct this issue.
Work Study - Expense Account Setup
Workforce Systems For grants and contracts because they cannot be charged overhead fee
Work Study - Fee Explanation Payroll Accounting  
Issue Contact Comments
Timesheet Views (date/week)
- Middle of Pay Period
- Posn/Status chgs → Postive to Exception
- Posn/Status chgs → Student to Staff
- Monday of Payweek (exception pay)
- Rehires
- Hours in inactive status
Issue Contact Comments
Verification of Employment (VOE) AP Customer Service
(General information/questions only)
To submit verification forms, use our AP Secure Document Upload. Be sure to specify "For VOE" in the upload description.
Issue Contact Comments
E-Verify Workforce Systems  
Sprintax Calculus Payroll  
I-9 Workforce Systems  
Expected End Dates Due to Visa Workforce Systems