PCard Manual 10.0 Disputable Transactions

Disputed transactions are errors in billing between the merchant and Cardholder. Some examples include multiple billing, billed wrong amount, billed without receiving merchandise, or billed on a cancelled order. This is not the same as an unrecognized/unauthorized transaction (see Fraudulent Transactions Section 11.0 of this manual).

The Cardholder should contact the merchant to try to resolve the error. If the Cardholder is unable to resolve the error with the merchant, they should inform their PCard Reconciler and/or Approver who will initiate the dispute in PaymentNet.

Notify the PCard team at 520-621-9097 to the discuss the situation prior to initiation of a dispute.

The dispute process does not stop or delay the payment of the charge. The merchant has been paid if the charge appears in the JPMorgan Chase PaymentNet and the charge will post to UAccess Financials.

The JPMorgan Chase Dispute Department may request information from the Cardholder. It is important that the Cardholder respond to the JPMorgan Dispute Department within the specified time frame if they wish to continue disputing the charge.

Notation must be made within the UAccess Financials transaction eDoc indicating transaction is in dispute.