PCard Manual 13.0 Phone & Internet Ordering

Phone & Internet Orders: The PCard may be used to place orders over the phone or on the Internet. Cardholders must provide the merchant with the following information: the PCard number and expiration date, quantity and description of goods to be ordered and detailed instructions for delivery. In addition, the Cardholder must request that an itemized invoice complete with sales tax information be sent directly to the Cardholder's billing address. Due to the uncertainty of shipping times and the need for prompt documentation to reconcile a charge, the Cardholder should request a copy of the itemized invoice be faxed to them for phone orders; for internet orders, a copy of the invoice or confirmation should be printed. These copies will be sufficient to reconcile the bank charges; however the Cardholder will still be required to forward the actual invoice or receipt to the Reconciler when it arrives.

Customer Numbers: Customer numbers are a merchant's method for associating a billing and shipping address in their records. A merchant may already have a customer number for the University of Arizona set up with Accounts Payable as the billing address and Central Receiving as the shipping address. The Cardholder must be sure to override, or set up their own customer number with merchants. The billing address must match the address used on their Cardholder Application.

Billing and Shipping Addresses: Some merchants may verify the billing address with the Bank when processing a charge for additional verification. If the merchant does not recite the address exactly, the Bank may decline the sale. A copy of the billing address is on the cardboard, which comes attached to each PCard. Invoices must be sent directly to the department, not to Accounts Payable or Purchasing. Please verify the billing address as well as the shipping address with a merchant. Deliveries must be shipped directly to the department, not to Central or AHSC Receiving. Cardholders should ask the merchant which delivery method they use (U.S. Mail or a commercial carrier) in order to provide the correct delivery information. A P.O. Box number must be used for US Mail, a street address for commercial carriers.