PCard Manual 7.0 PCard Specifications

7.1 Spending Limits

The PCard has four spending limits determined by the University of Arizona in collaboration with each Department.

7.1.1 Single Purchase Limits

Individual transaction limits = The maximum single transaction amount, including tax, shipping & handling and any applicable fees, may not exceed $10,000. Lower single transaction limits may be requested by the Department.

7.1.2 Monthly Purchase Limits

Monthly dollar limit = The maximum dollar spend per card, per month.

7.1.3 Transaction Limits

Daily = Number of daily transactions per card, per day.

Monthly = Number of monthly transactions per card, per month.

The monthly cycle billing ends on the 6th of each calendar month, unless:
1) the 6th falls on Saturday, the billing cycle ends on the 5th
2) the 6th falls on a Sunday, the billing cycle ends on the 7th.
The monthly limits refresh on the day following the billing cycle date.

All permanent increases, or decreases, to any of these limits require a Change Request by the Department Liaison.

7.2 UAccess Financials Accounts for PCard Program

7.2.1 Defaults

Each PCard is assigned a default account number and object code. Sponsored Projects Account numbers (range of 3-00000 - 4-99999) cannot be used as default account numbers for PCards. The account number and object code may be changed during reconciliation or approval process. To change or split fund an account number or to change an object code on a single transaction, the Cardholder must notify their Reconciler when documentation is handed in for each transaction.

Requests to change the account default must be submitted in writing by assigned department Liaison to the PCard team.

7.2.2 Restricted Accounts

Agency Account numbers (range of 9-00000 - 9-39999) cannot be used with the PCard Program.