New PCard Training Available in EDGE Learning

Accounts Payable has launched the new PCard training in EDGE Learning. This updated training aims to provide a deeper understanding of policy, procedure, and general information about the PCard program.

As of today, Friday, April 5, 2024, employees applying for a new PCard are required to complete this new training. The completion certificate must be sent to the department’s PCard Liaison, and they must submit it with the PCard application to Accounts Payable for the application to be processed. 

Included in the training are in-depth modules containing interactive activities and videos covering:

  • An introduction to the PCard Program.
  • Practice writing complete business purpose statements.
  • Definitions and examples of allowable and unallowable expenses and how they are determined.
  • Documentation requirements and guidelines for expenditures.
  • Review of the PCard policy to help avoid violations and ensure compliance.
  • Guidance on disputing charges and reporting loss, theft, or fraud.
  • Overview of training and additional resources, including next steps in the application process.

While the training is not required for current cardholders who have completed the previous PCard exam before April 5, 2024, we strongly suggest that all current cardholders complete this new training to ensure compliance with best practices and proper use of the University PCard.

Please note that if a current cardholder performs multiple card violations, completion of this training may be required before the cardholder can use the card again.

For questions, contact Accounts Payable at or 520-621-9097.