PCard Manual 6.0 Card Enhancements

6.1 PCard Plus

The PCard Plus Enhancement adds the ability to make purchases relating to business meetings, business entertainment, special events and employee recognition/retiree farewell expenses. The PCard Plus Enhancement can be added at the Departments request. PCard Plus Enhancement option can be selected at the time of application process.

To add the PCard Plus Enhancement to an existing PCard, a PCard Change Form must be submitted to the PCard Office.

Complete PCard Policy Training online, including passing the PCard Training.

  • EDGE Learning: PCard Training
  • Previous Exams are no longer accepted for new applications.

6.1.1 Circumstances for Use

  • Food, including but not limited to grocery stores, catering expenses & restaurants
  • Meeting room/event space
  • Related expenditures, including but not limited to meeting supplies, paper products, decorations, audio visual or other related equipment rental & small dollar (less than $25.00) mementos
  • Service awards (non-cash, non-taxable awards for years of service) or achievement awards (non-cash, non-taxable awards for exceptional achievements with significant departmental impact)

6.1.2 Unallowable Expenditures

  • Alcohol
  • Employee social or recreational functions where no business is conducted or business objectives are present (for example, memorial services, Christmas or other holiday related parties, employee social functions)
  • Tips to merchants (i.e. restaurants) exceeding 20% of total bill. Refer to FSM Policy 9.10 Requisitions/Reimbursements
  • Cash awards or gift certificates/gift cards to be used as awards
  • Taxable awards

6.1.3 Responsibilities

  • Comply with the University of Arizona Policy for Catering and Food Service
  • Any rental agreements or contracts must be sent to Purchasing for review and signature
  • Record the date, business purpose and attendees of a meeting or entertainment/event by completing a PCard Purchase Authorization Form (or equivalent document). Include sign up sheet and/or meeting agenda if applicable.
  • Verify the appropriate accounts are used for expenditures; see FSM Policy 9.10, Table 1, for the Allowable Expenditure Summary.
  • Verify the appropriate Object Codes are used for expenditures
  • Comply with the policy for Employee Recognition, Employee Farewells, Business Meetings and Business Entertainment and Service and Achievement Awards under FSM Policy 9.10.

Employee Recognition

Refer to FSM Policy 9.11

  • The cost of each recognition event does not exceed $25 per person per event to cover the cost of refreshments or a modest meal, minimal decorations, mementos etc.
  • The event is held proceeding, during, or immediately following normal business hours.
  • The recognition events must be non-discriminatory and held for the benefit of all eligible departmental employees.

Employee Farewell

Refer to FSM Policy 9.11

  • The retiree has been continuously employed at the University of Arizona for a period of no less than 10 years.
  • The cost of each retiree farewell event does not exceed $25 per person per event to cover the cost of refreshments or a modest meal, minimal decorations, mementos etc.
  • The event is held proceeding, during, or immediately following normal business hours.

Business Meetings

Refer to FSM Policy 9.10

  • The primary purpose is to conduct business or disseminate information. Business meetings require advance planning, involve groups of people and have considerable cost. Examples include luncheons and dinners for groups, banquets, conferences, workshops, retreats and seminars.

Business Entertainment

Refer to FSM Policy 9.10

  • The primary purpose of Business Entertainment is to further business relations rather than disseminating information. Business Entertainment is smaller in scale, includes a small number of people and is a reasonable low cost. These expenditures must be supported by a University business purpose.

Service/Achievement & Retiree Farewell Awards

  • Non-taxable Service/Achievement awards $75 or less
  • Non-taxable Retiree Farewell awards $400 or less
  • Maintain itemized original receipts and PCard Purchase Authorization Form (or equivalent document) in conjunction with the Records Retention Policy.

6.2 Travel Enhancements

Moved to FSM 14.11 Travel Funding

6.3 Hotel Enhancement

Hotel Enhancement is for University Employees only on Travel Status:

  • Lodging Room + tax only

The following additional charges are allowable if justified by the department:

  • Internet access (wired or wireless)
  • Vehicle Parking
  • Shuttle Services to/from hotel for business

Additional nights and expenses for personal reasons (e.g., extending a hotel stay for two nights after a conference to visit a relative in the area) are not allowable on the PCard.

Other requirements:

  • Appropriate travel authorization must be in place prior to accommodations being made
  • Traveler must review and adhere to FSM Policy 14.00 Travel
  • Travel Enhancement must also be added to PCard
  • Complete PCard Training in EDGE Learning
    • Previous Exams are no longer accepted for new applications.

If a credit card authorization form is required, the cardholder will not include full credit card # (only last 4 digits) nor will the three digit security code be filled in. The cardholder will contact the hotel via phone after faxing the credit card authorization form and provide additional information verbally. Traveler should verify with the hotel all information has been provided and that hotel has this on file for the reservation.

Some hotels may require that the PCard charged for lodging be present at time of check-in. If the Employee (Traveler) is not the cardholder/responsible cardholder on the PCard and the card is required at check-in, the employee may have to pay for lodging using a personal credit card and seek reimbursement. To avoid this situation, traveler should verify with hotel when room is reserved.

Employee must present a personal form of payment, i.e., personal credit card, at time of check-in at hotel for all incidentals.

Express check-out is discouraged as the statement provided may not show that charges have been paid in full. Traveler is to review folio for any discrepancies and resolve billing errors prior to departure of establishment.

Business Manager should verify that any travel claim submission is checked against UAccess Financials to ensure that the travel claim does not include any receipt or reimbursement request for transactions that have occurred on the PCard.

Travel claim for trip receipts will be checked by last four digits of credit card receipts being turned in for reimbursement on a travel claim with UAccess Financials via Maintenance Tab > Procurement Cardholder (under Financial Processing Header) > entry of last 4 digits on receipts for travel claim.

Object Codes to be used transaction(s):
6142 – Travel-In State Hotel
6242 – Travel-Out of State Hotel
6342 – Travel-Foreign Hotel

The Responsible Cardholder on Departmental PCard should review all requirements/restrictions with anyone checking out the Department PCard for this program.