Time Coordinator Duties

As a Time Coordinator, you should be able to answer all inquiries related to timekeeping, payroll processing, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and payroll exceptions.

Payroll is processed in UAccess Employee. Employees complete their timesheets on their own, and the Time Coordinator's responsibilities break down as follows.

On Pay weeks:

  • Clear Low and Medium Exceptions
  • Confirm High Exceptions are cleared by the respective Time Approver and or Employee
  • Ensure timesheets are approved by the payroll deadlines
  • Validate employees have submitted hours correctly (i.e. only 8 hours of holiday per "holiday" or only 40 hours of vacation for a week)


  • Variance analysis to include (but not limited to)
    • Employees working over designated FTE
    • Overtime usage
    • Student hours
    • Student Credit hours
    • When applicable: Holiday hours