Multi-State Taxation

The University of Arizona, in an effort to provide better service to our out-of-state employees, will begin taxing employees based on the state in which their work is actually performed beginning January 1, 2011.

How do you qualify for Multi-State Taxation?

If you are a University of Arizona employee and work in a state other than the state of Arizona, you may have a tax liability to the state in which you work.

If you have any questions, please contact the Payroll Office at 520-621-9097.

Refer to the table below for the Withholding Forms for your state.

State State Code Form Title Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate
Alabama AL A-4 Link
Alaska AK   No Tax
Arizona AZ A-4 Use UAccess Self Service
Arkansas AR AR4EC Link
California CA DE 4 Link
Colorado CO   None use W-4
Connecticut CT CT-W4 Link
    CT-4NA Link
Delaware DE DE W-4R Link
District of Columbia DC D-4 Link
Florida FL   No Tax
Georgia GA G-4 Link
Hawaii HI HW-4 Link
Idaho ID ID W-4 Link
Illinois IL IL-W-4 Link
Indiana IN WH-4 Link
Iowa IA IA-W4 Link
Kansas KS K-4 Link
    K-4C Link
Kentucky KY K-4 Link
    K-4FC (Fort Campbell) Link
Louisiana LA L-4 Link
    L-4E Link
Maine ME W-4ME Link
    WHEX Link
Maryland MD MW 507 Link
Massachusetts MA M-4 Link
Michigan MI MI-W4 Link
    MI-NR Link
Albion   AL-W4 Link
Battle Creek   BCW-4 Link
Benton Harbor   W-4 Link
Big Rapids   BRW-4 Link
Detroit   DW-4 Link
East Lansing   EL W-4 Link
Flint   FW-4 Link
Grayling   GR W-4 Link
Grand Rapids   GRW-4 Link
Highland Park   HPW-4 Link
Hudson   HU W-4 Link
Hamtramck   HW-4 Link
Ionia   IW-4 Link
Jackson   JW-4 Link
Lapeer   LW-4 Link
Lansing   LW-4 Link
Muskegon Heights   MHW-4 Link
Muskegon   MW-4 Link
Port Huron   PH W4 Link
Pontiac   PW-4 Link
Portland   PW-4 Link
Saginaw   SW-4 Link
Springfield   SF W-4 Link
Walker   SC W-4 Link
Minnesota MN W-4MN Link
Mississippi MS 89-350 Link
Missouri MO MO-W4 Link
Montana MT MW-4 Link
Nebraska NE W-4N Link
    W-4 NR Link
Nevada NV   No Tax
New Hampshire NH   No Tax
New Jersey NJ NJ - W4 Link
New Mexico NM   None - use W-4
New York NY IT-2104 Link
    IT-2104E Link
    IT-2104-IND Link
North Carolina NC NC-4 Link
    NC-4 EZ Link
North Dakota ND   None, Use W-4
Ohio OH IT-4 Link
Oklahoma OK OK-W-4 Link
Oregon OR OR-W-4 Link
Pennsylvania PA   None, Flat tax
    EIC Link
Puerto Rico PR Form 499 R-4.1 Link
Rhode Island RI RI W-4 Link
South Carolina SC SC W-4 Link
South Dakota SD   No Tax
Tennessee TN   No Tax
Texas TX   No Tax
Utah UT   None, use  W-4
Vermont VT W-4VT Link
Virginia VA VA-4 Link
Washington WA   No Tax
West Virginia WV WV/IT-104 Link
Wisconsin WI WT-4 Link
Wyoming WY   No Tax