Out-of-State Domestic (U.S.) Taxation

The University of Arizona taxes employees based on the state in which their work is actually performed.

Do I Qualify for Out-of-State Domestic Taxation?

If you are a University of Arizona employee and work in a state other than Arizona, you may have a tax liability to the state in which you work depending on their state tax laws.

You can view, complete, and submit your state income tax withholding selections from the Payroll and Compensation tile in UAccess Employee Self Service. Updates can be made at any time using the same process.

1. View your withholding selections

  1. Log into UAcess Employee Self Service.
  2. Verify you are on the UA Employee Main Homepage.
  3. Select Payroll and Compensation.
  4. Select State Forms, then Tax Withholding from the left navigation panel to view your current Withholding Details.

2. Complete your form

Important: You must open the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Before continuing, check that the program is available on your computer or install it now.
  1. Select the Withholding Details bar.
  2. Review the instructions applicable to your situation in the State Tax Withholding Forms pop-up.
  3. Scroll to Updateable Forms, then select the Withholding Allowance Certificate bar.
  4. Read the secure device pop-up warning and select OK to download the form.
    • If the form automatically opens in Acrobat Reader, skip to Step 7.
  5. Navigate to your downloads folder, then select the PDF form.
  6. Open the file with Acrobat Reader and confirm there is an active, green Submit button available on the form.
    • If the Submit button is not green, your selections will not be saved to UAccess Employee.
  7. Fill in the required fields to complete your form.

3. Submit your selections

  1. Select Submit.
  2. You will receive a confirmation message in Acrobat Reader and via email.
  3. If you receive an error message, update any missing information and try again.
  4. Save the PDF for your records.
  5. Navigate back to UAccess Employee, then close the State Tax Withholding Forms pop-up.
  6. Refresh the page if needed.
  7. Verify your changes under State Forms > Tax Withholding.

If you do not submit a form, your withholding amount will stay at the default rate for your state.

If you have questions about your state's default rate or access to a specific tax form, please contact the Department of Revenue for your state or visit their website.

Note: University of Arizona employees, while in their official role at the University, are not allowed to act as tax consultants or provide personal tax advice.