Account Roles - UAccess Financials


Role Alternative 1 Alternative 2 Responsibilities
Account Supervisor Deans, VPs, Directors, Department Heads Principal Investigator The Account Supervisor ensures that funds are spent and managed according to the goals, objectives and mission of the organization, to ensure that the funds are being spent according to a budgeted plan and that the allocation of expenditures is appropriate to the function identified for the account. The Account Supervisor cannot be in any other role.

It is assumed that the Account Supervisor will be the “leader” of the organization in which the account resides.
Account Manager Assistant Deans of Finance Assistant Deans of Finance, Deans, VPs, Directors, Department Heads The manager oversees the management of the account at a higher-level than the Fiscal Officer, but rarely receives any direct requests for action from UAccess Financials.

The Account Manager will ensure that the fiscal officer has the education and training required to perform their assigned functions.

As new Fiscal Officers are appointed, the Account Manager should insert themselves into the routing via Organization Review to ensure the Fiscal Officer understands their responsibilities.
Fiscal Officer Business Managers Business Managers The Fiscal Officer will be designated by the Account Manager and is responsible for the fiscal management of the account.

The Fiscal Officer ensures sufficient budget, spending is in accordance with account purpose, and reviews accounts monthly.

Fiscal Officer and Account Manager can be the same. The Account Supervisor cannot be any other role.

As situations arise that do not meet the above, Financial Services will work with you to set up appropriate roles.

Delegates: Are authorized to approve on behalf of the Fiscal Officer and delegations are approved by the Fiscal Officer. Delegation can be primary or secondary. Delegate assumes the same responsibility for approving transactions as those granted by the Fiscal Officer. Delegation is tracked by the Account Delegate eDoc.