Proposed ERE Rates for FY 2024-2025

The table below lists the proposed Employee Related Expenses (ERE) rates for fiscal year 2024-2025. These rates have been submitted to the University’s federal cognizant agency, the Department of Health and Human Services, and Cost Allocation Services for approval.

Proposed Employee Related Expenses Rates for FY 2024-2025
ERE GroupFY2023-2024
Final Rates
Proposed Rates
Employee Full-Benefit32.0%32.0%0.0
Ancillary Employees17.1%17.1%0.0
Student Employees2.0%2.0%0.0
Graduate Assistants13.2%13.0-0.2

While approval is pending, these rates can be used in budgeting and internal planning purposes for FY 2024-2025. However, these may not be used for sponsored proposal submissions until approved.

To view previous rates, please visit our ERE rates page on the Financial Services website.

ERE rates support important benefits provided to employees such as health insurance, retirement plans, worker's compensation, liability insurance, and more. Please remember that rates will fluctuate from year to year and any potential savings in one year should not be expected in future years. The University will continue to evaluate the ERE rates pool structure and other variables for future rate development to ensure the method utilized is efficient and effective.

For questions about the proposed rates, please contact Stacey Lemos at 520-621-0690 or