FY 2022 UAccess Student Write-off

In accordance with the Arizona Auditor General’s recommendation, the Bursar’s Office has conducted their annual write-off of certain outstanding student balances. These balances were at least three years or older, the student was no longer registered at the University, the charges were less than $100, and the accounts were requested to be written off by the Bursar’s Office or deemed non-collectable.

A report containing all write-offs for this fiscal year is available in UAccess Analytics under Student > Financial Accounting > Write-Offs.

These debts are still owed by the student. However, the Bursar's Office will no longer actively attempt to collect the debt. A Bursar Write-Off (BWO) service indicator has been placed on their account in UAccess Student that will prevent them from receiving services such as transcripts, degrees, and the ability to register for classes until the debt is paid in full. Any amount repaid by the student will be applied to the original account indicated on the charges that were written off.

The department that placed the charges on the student’s account are still responsible for providing documentation for any charges written off if the student questions the validity of the debt. Please keep this in mind before destroying any records. If a student requests proof of their charges and the department cannot provide documentation to support the debt, the hold will be released, and the debt will not be collected.

For questions, please contact Beverly Gordon at 520-626-9106 or beverlyg@arizona.edu.