Impact of UCAP on Campus Financial Reporting

UCAP launches January 27, 2020 and will impact financial reporting across campus.
Specifically related to Employee Related Expense (ERE) rates and object codes for salaries, wages, and ERE, please note:

  • To identify if an employee has/has not transitioned to University Staff, use ABOR codes and Pay Groups.
    Both have been added to the Payroll Expenditure Listing with SET (PELs) as a sort option in the dropdown menu in UAccess Analytics.
    To navigate, go to: Dashboards > Financial > General-Labor Ledger > Payroll Expenditure Listing with SET
  • ERE rates will remain the same for current employees who transition to University Staff.
  • ERE object codes, salary/wage object codes, and object code descriptions for University Staff will remain the same at this time. We will communicate any changes if/when that changes.
  • Classification of newly hired temporary University Staff beginning January 27:
    Temporary Hourly will be classified as Classified Temporary (ERE 3)
    Temporary Salary will be classified as Faculty Ancillary (ERE 7)

Please direct questions to Payroll Accounting at