Project Code Usage within UAccess Employee Position Distribution

Fri, 12/13/2019 - 11:08 am

Project codes may now be used consistently with position distributions in UAccess Employee.

Financial Services, in conjunction with Workforce Systems, University Analytics & Institutional Research (UAIR), and University Information Technology Services (UITS), is excited to announce the release of a fix that allows project codes to be used consistently within UAccess Employee. This will allow project codes to be linked to labor ledger postings in UAccess Financials.

Financial Services is also investigating the possibility of posting beginning balances to project codes and will share information as the investigation progresses.

What This Means for You

Users may change position distributions to include project codes for all valid account/project code combinations. A valid account/project code combination is a combination that at some point in the past:

  • has been used within UAccesss Financials AND
  • has been attached to a labor ledger or general ledger post

If an invalid account/project code combination is entered to a position distribution in UAccess Employee, the user will receive a warning message. Please refer to the following web page for information on how to proceed:

Best Practices

In support of Pillar 5 in the University of Arizona Strategic Plan and the Financial System Modernization Strategy project which includes improvements to the financials chart of accounts, we are encouraging the use of project codes and sub-accounts consistent with these best practices:

  • Project Code: A body of work with defined beginning and end dates. Examples include strategic initiatives, activities (e.g. conferences, professional development activities, undergraduate recruitment). They may span multiple Accounts or represent activities within a single Account.
  • Sub-Account: Used to capture a formalized set of ongoing activities (e.g. academic programs doctorate in school of psychology program, ongoing lecture series). Sub-accounts will continue to capture cost-share on sponsored research. They may be contained within a single Account or capture sets of activities across Accounts.

To support this new functionality, Financial Services has collaborated with UAIR to develop a dashboard of available account/project code combinations. The dashboard can be found in Analytics by navigating to:
Financial > General - System Value Sets > Project Code Lookup

In addition, links to the dashboard are available on these pages:

  • Financial > General – Labor Ledger > Payroll Expenditure Listing with SET
  • Financial > General – Labor Ledger > Payroll Expenditure Listing with SET – Home Dept
  • Employee > Position Encumbrance & Detail > Budget and Position Distribution

For additional reporting requests, contact UAIR at

For questions related to project codes being entered in UAccess Employee, contact Payroll Accounting at

For questions on how to add a project code into UAccess Financials, contact Financial Services Chart of Accounts at