Updated AssetWorks Software and Resources

AssetWorks, the asset management platform software used to track all University property, both capital and non-capital, has been updated, along with the current resources regarding this software located on the Financial Services website.

Many of the changes made were to the overall look of the software, including moving the menu tabs from the top of the page to the left side, but do not impact the software functionality. However, the tab used to search and create surplus transfers has been renamed from Transfers to Surplus. The functionality of the tab has not changed.

To improve user experience, we are currently working to combine aspects of the AssetWorks Quick Reference and User guides into a webpage specifically for this topic, which we will share once completed. You may view the newly updated Quick Reference Guide from the Surplus Property Services web page.

For questions, please contact University Surplus at FNSV-Storefront@arizona.edu or 520-621-1754.