Updates to Policy 14.15 Transportation

Financial Services has updated Travel policy 14.15 Transportation to align with University policy formatting as well as provide clarification on the following:

  • Receipt requirements for public and private transportation
  • Procedures on obtaining comparison flights when personal time is included in the business travel
  • Use of business class tickets when duration of flights exceeds six hours
  • Uber, Lyft, rental vehicle options, and insurance requirements
  • Reporting accidents while on travel status
  • Procedures and processes required for a successful reimbursement
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on unallowable expenditures, cost comparisons, and most economical travel
  • Fly America Act when federally sponsored funds are used

Please contact Accounts Payable at 520-621-9097 or accts_pay@fso.arizona.edu if you have any questions.