Update to Financials Modernization Project

We are writing today to share an important update to the Financials Modernization project.

After careful consideration and with the support of our executive sponsors, Chief Information Officer Barry Brummund and Financial Services Vice President Nicole Salazar, we have decided to slow the pace of the project for a brief period. We are doing so to be thoughtful and deliberate about the project decisions that are being made. We thank you for your valuable contributions so far and look forward to collaborating with you as we move forward.

We are doing this to provide more time to:

  • Solve for identified functionality gaps
  • Allow the team to learn and absorb the system (knowledge transfer)
  • Fully and confidently solve project challenges
  • Appropriately train campus on the changing business processes and functionality that come with the implementation of the software 

During this period, we will:

  • Maintain the momentum on Chart of Accounts mapping
  • Continue exploration around Accounts Receivable functionality
  • Re-evaluate the project timeline in a holistic manner

We recognize this shift will impact our implementation timeline and at this time, we expect to extend the go-live date beyond July 1, 2024. When we have completed our evaluation, we will share the new date. 
We are excited to continue to work with you and value your input and expertise. 

If you have questions, please contact us at financialsmodernization@email.arizona.edu or through the project website.


Stacey Lemos, Assistant Vice President and Comptroller, Financial Services 
Tim Schwab, Executive Director, Administrative Technologies, UITS 
Ravneet Chadha, Chief Data Officer and Associate Vice President, UAIR