UAccess Financials Vendor Records Deactivation

As a part of the Financials Modernization project, Accounts Payable has deactivated 57,645 Disbursement Voucher vendors in UAccess Financials that were considered inactive and have now begun the review of Purchase Order vendors for potential deactivation.

To help us maintain accurate vendor records moving forward:

  • When creating a vendor record in UAccess Financials, use the Vendor Information Form to obtain the required information and attach it to the PVEN. Please visit the Vendor Creation tutorial for guidance.
  • A purpose for creating the vendor is required in the explanation field of the PVEN and can include, but is not limited to:
    • Vendor providing services
    • Vendor/student receiving reimbursement
    • Vendor/payee receiving refund
    • Purchasing tangible items from vendor
  • Accounts Payable will not approve any submissions without a purpose or vendor contact information.
  • Upon approval of the vendor record, Accounts Payable will initiate the vendor onboarding process to obtain a Form W-9 (when required) and ACH Authorization Form to ensure a timely payment process.

If a vendor needs to be reactivated, please follow the steps outlined in our previous communication.

For questions and assistance, contact Accounts Payable at or 520-621-9097.