PCard Program Partner Transition Changes and Information

As the transition to Bank of America for the PCard program continues, Accounts Payable would like to highlight some of the critical changes and information to ensure a successful transition. To do so, we have created a PCard transition web resource for the necessary information regarding this change, which includes:

  • Updated information on PCard applications and transfers
  • Transitional support tools from Accounts Payable and Bank of America
  • Information on existing and new card features
  • Guidance on updating necessary PCard Liaison and cardholder information

We strongly recommend that PCard Liaisons or cardholders in your unit review and bookmark this page as this transition continues. We also ask that you share this communication with them.

Please note: In the coming days, procedures and information on the Financial Services website regarding the PCard program will be updated.

As we work through this transition, please continue to conduct business as usual to ensure correct institutional purchasing procedures.

JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America will not contact you directly about your new PCard. Do not share any information with anyone claiming to be from either. If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be from JPMorgan Chase or Bank of America or have any additional questions, contact us at FNSV-Accounts-Payable@arizona.edu or 520-621-9097.