Costco Business Membership

Membership Card Checkout

Financial Services offers three University business Costco membership cards for departments to shop at Costco in-store or online. These cards are available for checkout at the Financial Services front desk located in the University Services Building, Room 502.

To check out a Costco membership card to use in-store, the following is required:

  1. Department name
  2. Name and contact information (phone number, email address) of the individual picking up the card
  3. Reservation date/time to pick up card

The individual must sign for the card when checking it out and must return it to the same location within 48 hours to ensure availability for other campus users. As with any purchase with University funds, a detailed business purpose must be included on the PCard transaction within UAccess Financials.

Online purchases must be made using card number 111965881450.

Department Costco Membership

Departments that spend $5,000 or more annually would benefit from having their own account membership and may sign up for one directly with Costco. For these accounts to be established properly, Financial Services requires the following:

  1. Contact Monica Adams of Costco at 520-886-9563 to schedule an appointment for your department to establish an account. This will still be a University business account, but it will indicate the specific college or department.
  2. The department must understand that by establishing an account, it is their responsibility to pay for the membership. The department will receive the executive two percent reward issued by Costco every year, and this reward will be credited against the next year's membership fee. If the reward exceeds the membership fee, it can be used as a credit for future business purchases.
  3. The following information is necessary to obtain a Costco account:
    1. University business name for the account
    2. Department business address
    3. Primary user's phone number and email address
    4. Primary person(s) responsible for the account

Please have this information available before your appointment and use your department PCard to pay the membership fee.