Vendor Reactivation

In coordination with the Financials Modernization Project and the future data migration of vendor records, Accounts Payable is reviewing unused Disbursement Voucher and Purchase Order vendors in UAccess Financials. Vendors with no current activity or who have had no payments issued to them in the past two years will be deactivated and their status changed to UNUSED VENDOR – FINMOD.

If a vendor is deactivated and there is a business need to reactivate it for payment:

  1. Locate the vendor in UAccess Financials
  2. Click edit under the Actions field
  3. Add a description and explanation for reactivating the vendor
  4. Verify current address and information are accurate
  5. Click the Active Indicator checkbox
  6. Use the drop-down menu to select the deactivated reason to a blank field
  7. Click Submit

If an updated Form W-9 or ACH Authorization Form is required, Accounts Payable will include the appropriate form(s) in the vendor onboarding process to reactivate the vendor.