Paycheck Information

Understanding Your Pay

Direct Deposit

You may enroll to have your paycheck directly deposited to your financial institution through UAccess Employee (Note: NetID+ is required to access Direct Deposit information in UAccess Employee). With direct deposit, your paycheck funds will deposit directly into your account and be available to you when your financial institution opens for business on the payment date. Your paystub is available to view and print through UAccess Employee. 

Unclaimed Property

A state warrant expires after 6 months. Once a state warrant expires an employee will need to contact the Arizona Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property Unit to request that the money be returned to the employee. All of the information needed to process a claim is available on line at:

Lost, Missing or Damaged Paycheck

In the event that a state warrant is lost or destroyed, the employee should contact the Payroll Department immediately in order to place a stop payment on the check. The employee or time coordinator should call Payroll at 520-621-9097 with the following information: 

  • Employee's full name
  • Employee Identification Number
  • Issue date of check
  • Whether or not check has been endorsed
  • Local address
  • Phone number

A Warrant Replacement Request Certification Form will be prepared by the Payroll office. The form must be signed by the employee and notarized before the stop payment goes into effect. A notary is available in the Financial Services Office to witness and notarize the form. The Warrant Replacement Request Certification Form and notary signature are requirements of the State of Arizona. 

Once the form is signed and received by the Payroll office, it is sent to the State Payroll Office in Phoenix. At this point, it will take 5-10 business days for the bank to process and notify Payroll when it is possible to re-issue the warrant. However, if the original warrant is found, it is not cashable. The warrant should be returned to the Payroll Office and a replacement check can be issued the following day, whether or not Payroll has received notification from the State to reissue.