Mandatory Deductions

There are mandatory payroll deductions withheld from your gross pay each pay period in accordance with federal and state laws. As a result, your net pay is reduced by the total amount of deductions taken. Mandatory payroll deductions include:

  1. Retirement Plans for eligible employees
  2. Long Term Disability Insurance for eligible employees
  3. Social Security Taxes (OASDI and FICA Medicare)
  4. Federal Income Tax and Additional Federal tax withholding based on Form W-4
  5. State Tax withholding based on Form A-4.
  6. Wage Assignments for Child Support
  7. Creditor Garnishments
  8. Federal and State Tax Levies

Voluntary Deductions

Voluntary paycheck deductions will be subtracted from your gross pay based on your authorization.  NOTE: When there are more than two paydays in one month, only mandatory deductions will be subtracted from the third pay check. Voluntary deductions are not subtracted. Voluntary payroll deductions may include:

  1. Health and dental insurance
  2. Parking
  3. Automobile Insurance
  4. Supplemental Life insurance plans
  5. Short Term Disability plans
  6. Supplemental Retirement plans