Stop Payments/Warrant Cancellations

The Payroll Department handles Stop Payments and Warrant Cancellations. Since the University is a state agency, paper paychecks are considered warrants.

Lost or stolen warrants or errors in processing the warrant, can lead to requests for Stop Payment of issued warrants and cancellation of returned warrants. 

Stop Payment requests must be communicated to the Payroll Department as soon as an employee becomes aware that a warrant has not been received or has been lost or stolen. The employee must come to the Payroll Department to formally request a stop payment. 

The Payroll Department will reissue replacement warrants in a timely manner. However, in no instance will a check be reissued until either:

  • the Payroll Department confirms with the State of Arizona that a Stop Payment order is in effect, or
  • the warrant to be cancelled is received by the Payroll Department. 

A warrant that has been cashed cannot be stopped, cancelled or reissued. 

For more information on stopping a paycheck that has been lost, missing, or damaged, see Paycheck Information.