Create a FedEx Shipping Label

Step 1: Navigate to FedEx website

Verify with your business office to ensure you have access to perform this task. Once you have confirmed access, navigate to the FedEx website and in the banner at the top of the page, click on the Shipping drop down menu and select ‘Create a Shipment’ to complete the fields as follows:

  • Enter your User ID 
  • Enter your password
  • Click Login
  • Users may also use this website to create a User ID, reset your password or User ID

Step 2: Enter shipping information

Please note that * is a required field.

  • From: Your account information will appear here
  • To: Whom and where you are sending the shipment
  • Package & Shipment Details: Specific information about your package (weight/value)

Step 3: Enter Billing details

  • Bill transportation to: Use drop down to select account, Recipient or third party.
  • Your account: defaults to your departments shipping account
  • Recipient: billing the recipients shipping account
  • Third party: billing the third-party shipping account
  • Your Reference: This is a convenient way to bill another UA account other than the Ship account default:
  • Must follow this format or billing will not occur as expected. UA(all caps)dash(-) Uaccess Financials account number. Please note, no spaces between the dashes. For example: UA-XXXXXXX

Step 4: Complete shipment

Complete your shipment with the following options:

  • Click Save to access later.
  • Click Ship to print your label.