PCard Missing Documentation in UAccess Analytics

All PCard documents within UAccess Financials require appropriate documentation for audit purposes and include the following: 

  • University business purpose
  • Receipt/invoice that equals the amount charged on the card
  • Additional details to support the expenditure, such as a list of attendees and their affiliation.
  • Any additional documentation required by University policies.

The UAccess Analytics Missing Supporting Documentation dashboard provides departments with a tool to identify any PCard documents that are missing documentation and need attention. This report requires review on a regular basis by the PCard Liaison, college business office, and Dean/Department Head to identify any strengths or weaknesses in the department's PCard Program. 

To access this report and identify any missing supporting documentation:

  1. Log into UAccess Analytics 
  2. Navigate to Dashboards -General – Purchasing Card 
  3. Select the Action Items tab
  4. Available Searches:
    • PCard College Name
    • PCard Organization Name
    • Reconciler Group Name 
  5. Enter preferred search criteria 
  6. Select Apply
    • The displayed activity is for the current PCard billing period only.
  7. Select the Missing Supporting Documentation tile
    Showing the location of the Missing Supporting Documentation tile on the Action Items page
  8. The listing of all PCard documents that require supporting documentation will appear along with a link to the eDoc in UAccess Financials to take any required action. 
    • Sort by Cardholder or by Org Code
  9. To identify prior missing documentation, select the Go to More Transactions with No Supporting Documentation button:
    Showing location of the Go to More Transactions with No Supporting Documentation button on the page.
  10. Available searches:
    • PCard College Name
    • PCard Organization Name
    • Reconciler Group Name
    • Post Date
  11. Enter preferred search criteria 
    • To receive the full information for the day, select the correct time for both the start and end date.
      • Example:   05/01/2023 12:00AM through 05/01/2023 12:00PM
        Example of time and date section on dashboard
  12. Select Apply