Documentation Requirements & Reconciliation

  • Each transaction requires the following items:
    1. Clear and legible documentation as stated under Image Quality.
    2. Original itemized receipt/invoice or Missing Receipt Form if no itemized receipt/invoice was obtained.
    3. The detailed University of Arizona business purpose.
    4. Any relevant backup documentation. This may include authorizations, correspondence, logs/forms, packing slips or any other documents relating to the transaction.
    5. Purchase Authorization Form (not required, but highly recommended)
  • Follow the PCard procedures for reconciling and approving transactions – along with UAccess Financials Reference Guides (Section 8)–is labelled in the tutorial under "PCard Process and Procedures for Reconciling, Purchasing, Disputing and Returning"
  • Account for each PCard purchase with one of the following:
    • An original invoice or a Missing Receipt Form and all supporting documents, as listed above, has been attached in Notes and Attachments, or
    • Fraudulent transactions have been reported and include a Purchasing Card External Fraud Transactional Documentation Form provided from PCard Administration relating to fraud (XFRD) transactions.  This form must be attached to all associated eDocs including any banking (XFR BAL) transactions.
      • Contact PCard Administration to report all Fraudulent Transactions at 520-626-9091
  • Each PCDO must have all the backup documentation, listed above, attached in Notes and Attachments.
  • If a receipt/invoice pertains to multiple PCDO transactions, the original itemized receipt/invoice must be added to each associated PCDO eDoc.
  • Reconcile all PCDO purchases to the monthly JPMorgan Chase credit card statement, UAccess Analytics, or both to make sure that all purchases have been accounted for.
    • Bank billing cycles/statement periods end on the 6th of the month.  If the 6th falls on a Saturday, the cycle will go to Monday the 8th. If the 6th is a Sunday, the cycle will go to Monday the 7th.
  • Verify that full credit card numbers do not appear on any document/receipt.

Please contact Financial Compliance at 520-621-9097 or if you have any questions regarding the handling of PCard documentation.