Exception Pay Employee Adjustments

For an Exception employee (this includes Grads, Sups and anyone else that receives pay as an Exception employee) the system does not automatically process a retro payment for hours not paid to an employee because their paperwork was not processed in a timely manner. This is the system's way of ensuring employees are not overpaid, but it causes the employee to be behind on their pay.

If you run into this situation please follow the steps below to ensure that all your employees are paid correctly.

  1. After the employee is entered into the system, please wait 1 pay period to ensure the system does attempt to process a retro payment for monies "owed."
  2. If the monies are not paid please use the following Payment Requests (UAccess > Manager Self Service >  Payroll and Compensation > Request a Payment/Adjust Hours) to request payment:
    a. "Pay due for a prior pay period - Exception"
    b. "Grad Students - Amount due for a prior pay period"
    c. "Supplemental Compensation due for a prior pay period"
  3. Takes Effect On - Use the date that reflects the dates to be paid (i.e.-hire date, first day of a pay period, etc)
  4. UAccess Financials Account - This is just for routing purposes and is not the account the employee will be paid on.  The payment account will be based on the Empl Rcd used.
  5. EmplID - Use the affected employee's Empl ID
  6. Payment Amount -
    a. For Exception pays - enter dollar amount still owed
    b. For Grad pays - enter dollar amount still owed
    c. For Sup Comp - Enter hours only
  7. Comments - Please indicate which pay period this is for and any other information to help Payroll Operations with processing this payment.
  8. Submit
  9. Please attach any supporting documentation including PAF's, emails, etc.
  10. The Payment Request will need to be approved by one of the authorized approvers associated with the account used.

Once Payroll Operations receives the Payment Request, we will research it and process for payment on the next payroll cycle.