Change of Status Payouts

Payout of Vacation and Comp Time for employees that have had a change of status 

This Change of Status payout applies to employees that: 

  • Change from a Benefits Eligible position to a Non-Benefits Eligible position and no longer accrues vacation time and comp time. - Payout of Max Vacation Time (based on employee's FTE and years of service) and Payout of Comp Time earned
  • Change from a Positive Pay Position (Benefits Eligible) to an Exception Pay Position (Benefits Eligible) and can no longer earn or use comp time. - Payout of Comp Time earned

The following steps that should be taken to ensure that Payroll is aware of the change, so that they can payout the employee accordingly.

Send an email to with the following information:

  1. Employee's Name
  2. Empl ID
  3. Reason For Payout
  4. Effective Date of Change
  5. Hourly Rate to be Paid for the Payout (please provide a PCN, so that we can verify this information)
  6. DeptId for Routing
  7. How many hours, and type of hours, that need to be paid out

This process will also be used by Payroll as your approval to payout the employee.


Please continue to handle terminations (involuntary terms, retirees, etc) as you have always handled them. Submit the termination paperwork to Workforce Systems. Workforce Systems will send on the termination paperwork to Payroll for payouts. Do not send Payroll the termination payout information as this may result in an overpayment to a termed employee.