An overpayment occurs when an employee is paid for hours they did not work or paid at an incorrect rate. University of Arizona is required by law to recover these overpaid funds. A series of state and federal regulations govern the overpayment process. To comply with these regulations, an employee is required to notify their department immediately if they discover an overpayment on their paycheck. Departments should reconcile their payroll on a timely basis to ensure no employees have been overpaid.

Once an overpayment has been identified, please contact the Payroll Department - Operations (payroll@fso.arizona.edu) immediately to ensure the overpayment is reviewed and collected in a timely manner.

***Note: If the overpayment has occurred on a Sponsored Project Account, please contact your Sponsored Project Accountant to ensure your accounts are handled correctly.

See Overpayment Responsibilities for Employees