Timesheet Viewing Tips

Suggestions when viewing your timesheet:

  1. Report time using "Report Daily Time"
    When an employee starts, terminates or changes positions in the middle of a pay period, sometimes you need to change the timesheet view to week or day in order to report time on the days the employee worked in that pay period.
  2. Have the employee log into the system and wait 12 hrs
    If the employee has a new position with the University, they do not have an active timesheet the first time they log into UAccess. Logging into UAccess for the first time initiates a process that gives them access to the timesheet. The timesheet will be available no more than 12 hours after the first log in. The time approver may already have access to the employee's timesheet. If needed, the time approver can enter hours on behalf of the employee.  We recommend the employee email the hours that should be recorded to the time approver. The time approver can then copy and paste the email request into the comments area for documentation.
  3. Report time prior to your last day
    After the last day of employment, a time reporter can no longer access the timesheet for that position. All hours should be entered prior to the last day of active employment which requires time to be reported for payment. The time approver must enter hours on behalf of the employee if the timesheet is no longer available. The comments section of the timesheet should be used for documentation.