Off-Cycle Payroll Payment Requests

Off-Cycle Payroll Payment Request Change

At the direction of the Comptroller, the Payroll Office will only process off-cycle payroll requests that have been approved by Central Administration Directors or higher, Deans, Council of Academic Business Officers (and one authorized approver) and University Financial Officers (and one authorized approver).

Approvers must be provisioned before payment requests can be approved. All Approvers must have the Pay Request Creator/Approver security role. The payment request will be routed based on the Approver's current department set-up.

High level approvals of off-cycle payments are needed due to the unsustainable volume of off-cycle requests being submitted for processing to the Payroll Office. These requests have been submitted because some departmental supervisors have failed to approve time for their employees, or the Department has failed to submit the proper paperwork to Workforce Systems by the required deadline.

Off-cycle payments are issued in lieu of regular payments based on established criteria. Generally, off-cycle payments are requested when an approved time/labor record is not submitted by the required deadlines for positive pay employees or if there was an administrative error in the department or institutional administrative units.

Off-Cycle Payroll Payment Request Parameters

Tutorial: Off-Cycle Payroll Requests (EDGE Learning)

The Payroll Office will not process an off-cycle payment if any of the following apply:

  • If the employee did not enter and submit their time on time (deadline is Friday non-pay week)
  • Retroactive pay for any reason
  • Pay for additional pay, like Supplemental Compensation, if the employee has been paid for their regular position
  • The newly hired employee was not entered in UAccess Employee in time to add hours to the time sheet for the current pay date. (Such as a late submission of paperwork to Workforce Systems.)

If none of the situations above are applicable, an Off-Cycle Request may be submitted to the Payroll Office if the request also meets one of the following criteria:

  • The Employee has received less than 50% of their wages
  • The hours owed to the employee are more than 8 hours
  • The Employee has not been paid for two Pay Cycles
  • The Employee is leaving the country
  • Administrative Error (Internal/Central Admin Units Only)
  • The Employee submitted their hours on time, but the Time Approver did not approve on time
  • The Employee has been Involuntarily Terminated

To request an off-cycle payment, a payment request must be submitted:

  1. Go to UAccess Employee > MSS Work Center & Approvals > Request a Payment/Adjust Hours, then choose Off-Cycle Check Request
  2. Use the first day of the pay period that the payment is owed or the start date of the position if it takes place in the middle of a pay period
  3. Please supply the Department ID for the department the employee is in. This will be used for routing of the request for approval
  4. Include comments into the request with pertinent information as to why the off-cycle payment is being requested. This can include, but not limited to; time frame the off-cycle will be paid for, hours/dollars owed, etc.
  5. Submit request and attach any backup information needed to process the off-cycle request if necessary

Please remember the deadlines for these requests are as follows:

  • For Pay on Pay Day Friday: 5:00 pm on Tuesday of Pay Week
  • For Pay on Non-Pay Week Tuesday: 5:00 pm on Friday of Pay Week
  • For Pay on Non-Pay Thursday: 5:00 pm on Tuesday of Non-Pay Week