Printing Services

Printing Services is responsible for supplying official University of Arizona stationery products, administering the Print Supplier Program, and overseeing the non-profit 190 postage permit. Please notify Print Services when you are planning on using the non-profit postal permit.

NOTE: The Interdepartmental Billing Form has been replaced by the Printing Services Billing Form. This form is used to authorize Print Supplier Program and custom stationary product purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom stationery orders may be acceptable as long as they are in accordance with the stationery guidelines. Email a sample of what you would like to or You will pay with your department PCard when the order is ready for pickup or delivery.
Check the upper right corner of your edoc and make sure it says "enroute". If it does not say "enroute", write down you edoc number and check the route log on the document. Contact the financial approver for your account.
If you’ve been waiting for your order for more than ten (10) business days, the most common reason is that your order may be awaiting accounting lines. To find these orders in your “action list,” go to your list and look for orders where the Status is marked ENROUTE and Action Requested is APPROVE. To add the accounting lines, click on the Document Id, which will then take you to your pending order, then scroll to the “Items” tab – (if you have multiple line items, using the “setup distribution” button is recommended). Once you fill in the “Chart,” “Account Number,” “Object Code,” and the “Percent” fields always hit the add button. (Note: If you are using the “setup distribution” button, you will need to click on “add,” then click on “distribute to items.”) Once the lines are added successfully, hit “calculate” which is located at the bottom of the page. The final step will be to “approve” the changed document. This will send the order to your Fiscal Officer for final approval & the order will be processed. If you are having any trouble locating your order or if you have questions, please contact the Arizona BuyWays helpline at 520-626-8979.
Changes cannot be made to orders placed through Arizona BuyWays (Shop Catalogs). If there are concerns regarding a stationery order submitted through Arizona BuyWays (Shop Catalogs), please contact Printing Services at
The second sheets can be found in Arizona BuyWays (Shop Catalogs) through West Press. After you click on West Press, go to Catalog of Products, and then click on Stationery. You’ll find the “Blank 2nd Sheets” if you scroll down the list of available products.