Catering & Alcohol Service

Updated November 2022


The guidance below is to ensure that your event follows the Catering and Food Service Policy. There are specific procedures for on-campus and off-campus catering events. Please read through the information provided prior to making arrangements for your event.

If you have any questions, please contact

On-Campus Catering 
(Tucson Main Campus Only)

If your total event cost will exceed $750 (including food, beverage, and service), regardless of the funding source, you must use one of the following options for your catering needs.

Any exceptions for on-campus events exceeding $750 must be approved by Student Unions.

Request a Catering Waiver

If you have a question regarding on-campus events and food service, contact Student Unions.

Off-Campus Catering

There are two types of catering events that are defined by the University, regardless of off-campus location:

  1. Full-Service Catering Event: A caterer is responsible for all preparation, delivery, setup, serving, cleanup and removal of food/serving-ware.
  2. Drop-and-Go Event: There is no setup or removal of food/serving-ware. All food service that meet this definition must be in disposable containers and should be ready to serve and not require any special food handling. (e.g. boxed lunches, sandwiches, pizza, fast-food, etc.)

Student Unions may be able to accommodate your off-campus event. Please consult Arizona Catering Company or Express Catering.

Optionally, your department may choose an outside caterer in accordance with Purchasing guidelines for payment via a requisition or PCard. If a request is made by the caterer to sign a document with any terms and conditions, please upload the document request here and the Contracting team will assist you in reviewing, approving, and signing. 

Alcohol Service on Main Campus

Arizona Catering Company is the sole supplier for alcohol services at licensed and unlicensed University locations, except for Athletic venues and concessions.

All events that involve the service of alcoholic beverages on campus, regardless of funding (University or non-University), require an Alcohol Permit.

Apply for Alcohol Permit

Please note:

  • Applications must be received 10 business days prior to the date of the event where alcohol will be served.
  • If the party requesting the permit is a non-University entity they must have a 3rd party internal University sponsor.
  • Food must be present at any event where alcohol is served at University locations.
  • No alcoholic beverages shall be sold or provided to any person under the age of twenty-one (21).

For additional information please contact Student Unions.

Student Unions

Arizona Catering Company 
1303 E University Blvd, Room 441 
Tucson, AZ 85719