Temporary Employment Services Vendors

Contract #L191701 - valid from 4/1/2017 through 3/31/2025.

The University of Arizona has awarded contracts to 10 employment agencies to provide University Departments, located on campus and within Pima County, with temporary employment services Departments outside of Pima County may use any agency that can meet their requirements. Several of the temporary staffing agencies can provide staffing in other areas such as Phoenix, Sierra Vista, etc. Please contact the vendors directly to see if they can staff your location. 

For any new temporary staffing needs, departments should utilize these newly contracted agencies as long as they can furnish your needs.

See the list of Temporary Staffing Providers.

For contract information, contact:

Celeste Kanzig, Purchasing Manager
Ph: 520-621-3067

Ordering process

When you need a person to fill your “temporary” employment needs, you may contact one or more of these agencies. Human Resources has identified four categories for Temporary Staffing Services to include: Administrative, Light Industrial, Technical, and Skilled Professional, as the most often required positions for temporary help at the University. Under the new temporary staffing contracts, departments will negotiate an hourly wage to be paid and the Temporary Staffing agency will charge a fixed percentage markup. 

Payment Process

The agency you choose will provide you with an invoice. You will need to first verify the charges on the invoice. You will then need to contact the agency and give them your PCard number; or you may attach the invoice to a completed Disbursement Voucher and send it to Accounts Payable. Please reference RFP #L191701 on the Disbursement Voucher document. Whichever way you decide to handle the invoice for payment, it needs to be done promptly.


  • Temporary employees are not allowed to drive University vehicles.
  • These contracts are for temporary staffing only. Temp-to-hire and/or recruitment services are not covered.