Cellphone/Wireless Vendors

Cellphone/Wireless Services may be purchased in accordance with FSM Policy 9.17, Communication Service Plans.

Listed below are the University representatives for the major cellphone providers available under the Arizona State Contract. The representatives should be contacted whenever you have questions about a University paid line, or even your personal line. Try to avoid contacting the 800 numbers, as the representatives that answer those calls are not always aware of the State Contract with these providers.



Rebekah Vallejos

Faculty and Staff of the University of Arizona can receive up to 16% monthly discounts on their personal cell phone service. For more details see the store at 3286 N Campbell.

Visit this link for special promotions, ordering new service or registering to receive your discount for your existing AT&T service: www.att.com/wireless/arizonawildcats

State Contract #CTR052804 Expires: 8/11/2024


Josh Samford

Andrew Christopher

State Contract #CTR052803 Expires 8/31/2024

To access employee discounts visit http://bit.ly/tmoworkperks
or call 855-570-9947.
Contact Josh Samford with questions about employee discounts.

Promotional flyer: https://bit.ly/uofazpromo

Business Accounts under the University of Arizona
Rate plan is $24.65 for Unlimited Talk, Text and Data for North America

Contact Andrew Christopher with questions about Business Accounts.


Donna Blotkamp

SPOC Email: GCOSouthCentralSupportteam@VerizonWireless.com - Authorized single points of contacts on the account profile can email for account needs, billing, and maintenance requests or call into Support. Technical Support My Business Support Phone: 866-892-7957.

Visit any Verizon wireless retail stores to assist in any personal lines and register for University employee discounts at http://www.verizonwireless.com/discounts or at the Retail KIOSKS. The domain of email.arizona.edu is shared by students, so you will need to send in a pay stub or ID badge.

State Contract #CTR052806 Expires 8/2024